TDM Installer

The Dark Mod Installer

In the beginning of “The Dark Mod“, there where no installation programs for the game.
So I created for them several graphical installers / scripts for Windows, Mac Os and Linux distributions,
that automatically do the actions which was needed to install the game.
And avoiding several technical beginner-problems.

(run this on your own risk)
  • The Dark Mod installer Windows (v20160731 )
    Package: Executable on Mod DBe   Source: SRC / GIT)
  • The Dark Mod Installer Mac (v20160825)
    Package: dmg file.
  • The Dark Mod Installer DEB (v0.0.4)
    Package:  32 bit / 64 bit , Source:  SRC / GIT
  • The Dark Mod Installer RPM (v0.0.4)
    Package:  – 32 bit / 64 bit  , source: SRC / GIT
  • The Dark Mod Installer Crossplatform ( v1.0.0)
    Source: SRC.
  • The Dark Mod for playonlinux/playonmac
    Howto:  In playonlinux/playonmax, check all the “include” boxes (testing, no-cd needed, commercial), select “games” and select “the dark mod”)
    Source: source


 dmi-win-3 dmi-win-1 dmi-win-2 dmi-win-2 dmi-lindeb-1 dmi-mac-1 dmi-mac-2



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